Here’s a Great Outdoor Workout

Hey, folks! I know we didn’t get off to the fastest start here at Sports and Nature, but we’re ready to get it cranked up now.

Recently, we’ve been thinking about ways to get fit outside, especially when the weather cooperates. After all, do you really want to be cooped up inside a gym when there’s sunshine and fresh air to enjoy?

We liked some of the ideas in this video:

Hopefully, you find the suggestions here helpful, and that it inspires you to get outside and get moving.


Welcome to Spectacular Sports and Nature, a brand-new blog dedicated to sports, fitness, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Everyone has their own unique take on what constitutes a healthier, happier lifestyle.  For some, working out on a treadmill or stationary bike in front of the TV is a great way to get some exercise.  For others, it’s playing basketball or volleyball.  Then there are those who enjoy a good jog around the neighborhood, or a day hike in a nearby state park.  We’re all different.

With this in mind, we aren’t going to be pushing any specific agenda here.  In future posts, we’ll be sharing information on a wide range of ways to get and stay fit, including the ones mentioned above and much more.  Our mission isn’t to sell you anything … just to give you some ideas from which you can build a routine of your own.

That’s about it for now.  Please check back here often as we grow this site, and thanks for stopping by!